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"Wooden waves", is a tactile sound installation, reflecting on the relationship between the human artifacts and the nature of the sea, that people will experience with their bodies. The installation will be installed in the spaces of Harp Art Lab, Harplinge Väderkvarn.

"Wooden waves" is a tactile sound installation that uses the wooden floor of Harplinge wimdmill as a vibrating surface and lets people feel the movement of sound vibrations along their bodies, when lying on the floor.

A series of eight consecutive wooden planks will be individuated on the forth floor of the windmill. Eight vibration speakers are attached to the planks so that eight stripe-shaped sources of vibrations are created on the floor. The eight sources are controlled separately, so that a spatialization of the tactile sensation is achieved. The movement of sound/vibration will be experienced by the body of the visitors who will lie on the planks. Only few people at a time can experience the work, depending on the breadth of the planks.

The sound content will be constituted of synthesized sine waves, in order to exploit at the maximum the possibilities of vibration of the planks. anyway, if feasible, I plan to use spectrums taken from field recordings made on the nearby beach, and then analyzed via Audiosculpt and re-synthesized in various shapes. The idea is to use vibrations in order to recall the swinging movement of the sea waves, as perceived when floating on sea water. The wooden planks, similar to the ones used to build piers, provide instead an artificial surface on which to lie and experience artificially-prepared wave movements. The clash between the artifact and the mental reference to the natural environment is meant to raise thoughts around the issues of colonization of the environment.

"Wooden waves" is a new project by Alessandro Perini from a series of works he is  producing in the frame of his research project about sound and vibration, documented on www.touchmysound.wordpress.com.

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- BA in Science and Technology of Musical Communication  (Università Statale di Milano, 2006)
- BA in Electronic Music and Technologies of Sound  (Conservatorio di Musica di Como, 2007)
- BA in Composition  (Conservatorio di Musica di Como, 2009)
- MA in Composition, with honorable mention  (Conservatorio di Musica di Como, 2011)
- MA II in Composition (Music Academy of Malmö, 2013).

I studied Composition in Italy and Sweden with Luca Francesconi and Ivan Fedele among others.

Ranging from purely instrumental music to the most extreme electronic sound synthesis, my work started pretty early to invade the area of visuals thanks to software devoted to the real-time integrated audiovisual production.

In my creative process, I do not stop at a purely evocative surface, but always try to provide deep research as a coherent background beyond the aesthetic level. Recurring themes are the relationship between real and imaginary, where the imaginary can be the virtual as well; memory as a trace of experience; the emergence or reconstruction of objects in contexts others than the usual; the subversion of space and time dimensions.

Recent works include animation, audiovisual installations, sound and light environments, mobile videoart and land art, often with a site-specific approach.



Harp Art Lab | Harplinge Windmill | Sweden