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Mikael Ericsson (b 1959)
Sound- and Visual Artist
Chief of Artistic Operations at Harp Art Lab

Studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, Copenhagen, 1983-88.

Mikael Ericsson works with various modes of expressions and projects, such as drawing, sculpture, sound- and videoinstallations. He has exhibited regularly in Sweden and Europe and also directed teve series, radio, music and stage plays. In the recent years Ericsson has created a series of large-scale audio and video installations using hand drawing animation, florescent light and moving projectors to stage his cinematic installations.

Ericsson’s allusion of the world and the anxiety of human helplessness, coincide with some of the great environmental issues that concern humankind today. It inscribes itself in a tradition of artistic philosophy, concerned with the fate of man and for whom the prelude to the end of the world is a moment of exploration and reflection

In 2010 he founded Harp Art Lab with Julie Ericsson. The vision was create a platform for developing, innovative, interdisciplinary ideas and to invite artists to create new works in the historical building of Harplinge windmill.

In 2012 he created, Millophonia, a permanent, site specific sound installation at Harp Art Lab.

Website: www.trumtrum.se
E-mail: ericsson (at) trumtrum.se
Tel: 070 730 4631

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